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Bonsai For Sale

      These Bonsai are only a small selection for sale at my nursery. Click on any tree to view a larger image.                      Email me with any questions regarding any bonsai you are interested in.

B1 Juniper nana

B2 Scot pine

B3 Scot pine

B4 Chinese elm
 B5 Port Jackson fig
B6 Japanese Black Pine

B7 Atlantica cedar

B8 Atlantica cedar dwarfed

B9 Port Jackson fig

B10 Juniper pingii

B11 Caprosma

B12 Port Jackson fig

B13 Chinese Elm

B14 Ficus retusa
B15 Caprosma
B16. Cedrus atlantica

A01 Cascade Juniper

A02 Elm on Rock

A03 Pyracantha

A04 Atlantic Cedar

A05 Privet

A06 Gold Mugo

A07 Olive

A08 Japanese Maple

A09 Juniper

A10 Port Jackson Fig

A11 Pine Mugo

A12 Juniper

A13 Port Jackson Fig

A14 Port Jackson Fig

A15 Port Jackson Fig

A16 Juniper

A17 Cotoneaster

A18 Dwarfed Privet

A19 Juniper Nana

A20 Port Jackson Fig

A21 Banyan Fig

A22 Atlantic Cedar

A23 Cedar Gold

A24 Banyan Fig

A25 Weeping Deodara

A26  Pine Mugo

A27 Banyan Fig

A28 Port Jackson Fig

A29  Shimpaku

A30 Portulacaria

A31 Privet

A32 Port Jackson Fig

A33  Banyan Fig

A34  Retusa Fig


A35 Chinese Elm


A36 Olive

A37  Atlantic Cedar

A38 Banyan Fig

A39 Scot Pine

A40 Hawthorn

A41 Gold Cedar

A42 Ficus Retusa

A43 Ficus retusa

A44 Black Pine